Online Induction Software is the most cost effective solution to introduce your newly hired contractor or employee to your site Safety Policies before they arrive to work, introducing them to safety procedures, site rules and policies. 

With the arrival of online inductions platforms, majority of the induction content can be delivered online, saving a lot of time. Employers enjoy cost savings and employees enjoy convenience of taking induction at a time of their choice, anytime prior to due date.

So what are some of the key features that make online inductions so useful and effective for all businesses?




Induct For Work platform offers a long list of benefits. Let’s see what makes an online induction such an effective solution for both employers, contractors and employees.

  • Reduced operation costs – online inductions significantly decrease operational costs and increase employee productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and face-to-face inductions. By migrating inductions online, organisations can save on resources associated with induction training such as room space, printed materials and trainers. A targeted online solution will guide new employees through the induction process without the need for other staff or trainers’ involvement.
  • Consistency – traditional induction training can have inconsistent messaging because it relies greatly on the tone, style and experience of a trainer. Delivering inductions online guarantees that every person will receive the same information and a consistent training experience, regardless of working patterns.
  • Round-the-clock accessibility– the online format allows for induction courses to run through the Internet at any time of day or night. This enables employees to complete induction training at their convenience, from any location and on any device.
  • Full control of the content – the web-based induction system allows users to manage multiple courses, employee groups and third parties through a logical interface. It enables employers to create, edit, add and delete induction content and deliver the induction process however they want. You can also publish your induction course via email and SMS, create an expiry date and set notifications.
  • Continuous use – once an online induction course has been created, there’s no limit to how many times it can be used and how many employees can take it.
  • Self-paced learning – online inductions allow learners to take training into their own hands. Trainees can work through content at their own pace, leave and return to the course, re-cap topics as necessary and take as long as they need to complete the training.
  • Ability to assess inductees – when you induct online, you have the ability to not only test the inductees’ knowledge but also ensure the learners repeat necessary content before the course can progress or complete.
  • Printable induction certificates – at the conclusion of the online induction course, successful users receive a printable completion certificate.
  • Recorded training – online inductions can be electronically recorded as employees and contractors are inducted for each unique site.
  • Reduced risk factors – online safety induction and site induction training overcomes many of the risks that traditional training can expose you to. For example, you can be sure that new starters have been fully informed about safety precautions before using potentially dangerous equipment or materials. Also, you can reduce security risks by providing login details to new employees only after they have completed induction.

As you can see, online site inductions offer many benefits including time, money, productivity and convenience improvements. Online induction software Induct For Work makes it possible for anyone to easily create and publish induction courses online and dramatically speed up the delivery of the induction training. By choosing to induct online companies are able to train and test their employees, contractors and visitors into their health and safety requirements the easy and cost-effective way. 

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