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Induct For Work learning management system is the right choice for meeting your organization’s training needs for workers, or contractors.

It is undeniable Covid 19 has disrupted people’s lifestyles, more so their mode of working. If you are a human resource manager, you have had to adjust to new ways of carrying out your roles; and keep up with the changing world of work.

Thanks to technology, there is an alternative – the Learning Management System. This is no new invention. It has been used in the early 80s, mainly by higher institutions of learning, having replaced the correspondence system.

The corporate sector started using LMS for employee training in the late 20th century and became the main user. Statistics indicate that approximately 8 out of 9 big organizations use LMS of one kind or other, and more than 50% of workers said they prefer learning at their own pace – which is one of the outcomes of an LMS.


Learning Management System is an online software that is used to automate the development of educational courses, manage the learning process, and to track performance of learners.

According to Cambridge Dictionary, to automate is to make processes in a manufacturing plant or an office operate using a machine or computer instead of people.

In the normal learning style that we have always known, lecturers, trainers or teachers and their students interact in a physical classroom. Learning Management Systems strive to imitate that by providing an online platform (read “classroom”), where course materials can be created, stored and distributed to trainees or students.

In addition, the facilitators can still have an interactive class using chat, or emails. Some have features that allow trainers to hold webinars and conferences. Assessments and grading are done on the platform. An example of an LMS is the Induct For Work.



When buying any software, it is always important to know which features to look for, based on your human resource specific functions. For instance, a service industries does not have the same needs as a manufacturing one.

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1. Intuitive Interface

A learning management system should be easy to for users to operate. When they press a button, for example, it should lead to the information they are looking for without having to ask for extra help. That is the natural expectation of the user.

An easy to use interface reduces frustration and encourages participation while increasing performance. A frustrating interface can impact negatively on your organization both to new employees and contractors.

While they may not be your clients, they can spread bad reviews and hinder potential clients from coming on board. Besides, interviewees who are already working in other organizations can decide to stay where they are, and you will have wasted time and effort, and sometimes money spent in the recruitment process.

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2. Capability to Customize Reports

Your preferred learning management system should give you room to create the kind of reports you want at any given time without limitations. For example you may want to create a report of employees coming from a certain location, for transport considerations. It should be a straight forward process.

Every organization is unique with different priorities. They all have different approaches to their induction processes for employees, and some have different job functionalities. You may decide some courses can benefit both employees and contractors, and tailor them that way, especially those that concern health and safety.

A good LMS should make it possible to adjust various aspects of the courses such as creating questionnaires to get feedback from your trainees for future use. This is a different kind of report with different kind of need. You don’t want the names of participants to appear on the forms. Can the particular LMS allow for this?

3. Fit in with Your Brand

A brand means everything when it comes to business, and yours is no different. You want an LMS that comes into harmony with you colour scheme, your logo and everything that appears on your training materials, emails, newsletters, registration forms, and everything else that you want to give to your students. Branded dashboard help learners connect with your company, and an LMS should allow this.

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4. Collaboration Tools

Collaboration makes online learning interactive, interesting and motivating. As trainees work on a project together or discuss course, interaction is enhanced and students grasp concepts in a greater depth.

The chat allows learners to a real have a “class feeling” and learning takes place real time because trainers or tutors can give feedback as soon as it is sought. Learners can also communicate with their tutors on a one-on-one basis.

Learners should find it possible to use emails when they have long messages. They should also be able to submit work done. An LMS should at least have collaboration tools such as chat, messages, email, and video link capabilities.

5. Integration

Look for an LMS that can allow you to integrate other software you may already have such as Human Resource Management (HRM), or any other you may need in future. Integration with HRMS especially important if you need it to induct new employees, or contractors in the construction industry.

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6. Ease of Access across Devises

Many people nowadays prefer using mobile devices because they can have access to them anytime. Others prefer using different browsers. Buy an LMS that enables the content to adjust properly in multiple devises to give your learners good experience.

7. Data Migration

Transferring data from one software can be a nightmare. Valuable information could be lost, distorted or misplaced. Remember some of this data you have created over many years.

In case you are buying an LMS for the first time, be sure it has a smooth integration process. It should be easy to transfer informed from your hard disk to the software without encountering product-related issues.

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Induct For Work was developed with your human resource needs in mind. The reasoning behind it is to ensure you can do your induction trainings in a convenient way, be in a position to reach people where they are, and help you obtain accurate data. In addition, it is will help you with safety and compliance obligations.

The software is used by administrators who create and manage courses, and new employees who log into the system to access the same. Managers can also use the system to retrain longer serving staff, introduce new strategies to the whole group, or train those whose roles have changed into the new ones.

Induct For Work is a cloud based learning management system specifically used by organizations to train their employees, and construction companies’ their contractors online.

Though we host the software (as the service providers), however, you need not fear for your data security. We have put in all measures necessary to ensure that your data is secure and safe.

By using the software you can induct your new staff or contractors on how to be safe in your organization, your company culture, vision and mission, and what is required of them. It also helps organizations collect data as well as ensuring that their compliance is up to date.

When engaging construction companies or subcontractors, an organization needs to induct them on safety measures on the premises, expectations, have them fill various forms and give them a tour. There is no better learning management system in handling this than Induct For Work.

Induct For Work has all the features mentioned above: it is easy to use, customize reports, change it according to your branding style, has all the collaboration tools your need in your induction trainings, allows you to integrate with more than 190 software, can be used with all browsers and smartphones, and has a smooth process of data transfer. You can choose to install the software yourself or let us do it for you, whichever you find convenient.


Every company, especially in the construction industry, has the obligation to come up with a workers safety program. Building it from scratch manually is no doubt time consuming. It is especially so when you have to involve your employees in the process, if they are to own it.

With a learning management system like Induct For Work, all your processes have been automated.

The software has templates that your human resource department can customize and input the program data which is then easily accessed, corrected or changed at any time. With automation of the routine tasks, human resource managers have time to do more important work such as developing better recruitment strategies.

It is not possible for your employees to keep all the company safety policies at their fingertips. The Induct For Work software app will help them access them at any place, any time, which might help avoid injury or death to the individual worker, or to an entire group.

Induct For Work makes efficient to notify workers and contractors of scheduled retraining sessions on safety through its automated notification system.

Organizations have to renew their safety regulations at least every year in order to comply with company laws. It is easier for you to update the software with new government regulations when they are announced.

In a construction site as a building keeps going up the need can arise necessitating change of safety policy to protect the contractors. An example is working on the edge of a wall in a building that has gone many floors high.

If not handled carefully, a worker can fall all the way to the ground and be maimed for life, or die. This can result in heavy compensation to the family or a court case, not to mention the grieve the company must share with the said family.

Companies have to comply with various government laws in order to continue existing. For example, they have to remit employee earning’s taxes, remit payments for health insurance, and also pay their own monthly taxes.

They must meet the requirements of laws such as Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1999, and Healthy and Safety at Work, etc Act 1974.

These laws demand that every company inform its workers of risks they can face while at the premises and the precautions they should take, as well as their obligations as employees.

Delayed or late compliance can lead to fines or business closure with the associated damages. It is of great importance to pay for your licenses on time, all your workers trained and retrained at the right time, and remember all the dates. The Induct For Work automation system makes it easier through its monitoring system.

With all the induction processes fed into the Induct For Work learning management system, all you need to do is allow notifications. This feature alerts you of the expiry dates of licenses, due dates for retraining of staff, who needs to be retrained, as well as when you should revise your safety policies.

There is uniformity across the course for any given group. Through Induct For Work automation, the information passed from the trainer to the learners is consistent. All trainees have an opportunity to fully grasp the feedback given by the facilitators.

Gaps in the learning process can be quickly captured which helps a company decide whether to enhance the training, continue engaging the employee, especially when it comes to safety, or release them.

In the same way that people have preferences and tastes, employees learn in different ways. Induct For Work help managers come up with methods that help each learner get the key concepts.

In addition to written courses, visual aids can be incorporated through video links. Those who prefer to study through reading can access the materials at their own time, and refer back to areas of concern.

It is also possible to talk to lecturers privately through email and ask clarifications on areas they feel incompetent in.The training becomes enjoyable resulting in highly motivated employees who are more productive, the overall goal of the induction.

The learners’ dashboard on the portal in Induction to Work is user friendly and goes a long way in meeting expectations. A new employee or contractor has a very smooth experience in finding the information. This is a big plus for the inducting company.

There is no commuting involved which can take hours depending on location, and anxiety caused by the possibility of being late. Such anxiety cause failure during testing and reflect wrongly on a new employee who could otherwise have performed well. The data resulting from such situations would also be false.

There are various methods of communication. Shy learners can text questions through email. It will be very convenient for new employees still working in their previous work places.

You don’t have to pay for usage of the software the whole year. You can pay monthly, and it also allows you the flexibility to unsubscribe when not it is not needed. It is very affordable.

There are no commute allowances to be given, hiring halls or tents, and other associated expenses such as meeting food budgets.

Software come with potential technical problems. A reputable software provider should be willing to help you when needed. This is especially so if it is your first time to buy a learning Management system.

Let us imagine a case where you can’t find a button for giving access to a quiz or test. It is testing day, students are already waiting, and the provider is reluctant to help. Can you see the anxiety it can add to the already anxious trainees? Not to mention the interruption to your schedules?

Think of a less urgent scenario where you want to customize a certain learning process but you don’t know which button to press. You would surely expect the supplier to help you out.

Induct For Work is known for its unquestionable after-sale service.


Induct For Work learning management system is the right choice for meeting your organization’s training needs for workers, or contractors. It has all the features you need. It also allows you to issues certificates and ID cards online.

We keep on improving its functionality and adding more features to be up to date with market trends. The software is compatible with all browsers and mobile phones making it possible to reach your trainees where they are.

Induct For Work has all the collaboration tools for your training sessions. You and your workers or contractors can communicate through emails and chat, and download or upload videos, files and voiceovers.

It can help you with your safety obligations by using to it train less qualified contractors on site awareness, thus avoiding injuries and fatalities. You can train them on different sites since everything is done online.

Induct For Work software comes in handy to help you in compliance. The automation process allows you to meet the various state regulation deadlines by sending notifications to your admins. In some industries retraining of staff is a must. Notification alerts helps remind you of the retraining schedules.

To cap it all, at Induct For Work, we have excellent customer service. The team can be reached on email and is available to offer support on technical issues within 24 hours of reaching out.