Account setup and management - online induction training videos

construction induction software

Additional Features

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'Add ons'

+ History Log
+ Text to Voice
+ Additional Portals
+ Face to face admin training (Not available due to COVID-19)

General information about your account


Add logo to ID Cards, Portal and Sign in Kiosk


Updating login and passwords

Locating Tax Invoices

Where to locate all your account Tax Invoices / Receipts

construction induction software

History Log

History Log

Record changes made to your content. Revert to previous versions when required

$30 per month + gst
Online induction editor

How to use online induction editor

Creating induction courses

Creating new online inductions

Online induction courses from Samples

Creating new onine inductions using samples


Uploading your existing Powerpoint inductions

construction induction software

Text To Voice

Text to voice

Convert text on slides to voiceovers with just few clicks

$2.5 + gst per conversion
Company Policies in LMS

Create company policies 

Creating induction courses

Create new inductees

How to Import existing users

How to import existing user database in .csv

attaching user documents

Attach documents to user profiles

construction induction software


Admin training

Training sessions for your admins. Contact us for pricing
How to archive users

How to archive inductees

How to restore archive inductees

Extra admin users

Inviting additional admin users

attaching user documents

How to activate optional history log 

construction induction software

Extra Portals


Activate additional portals

Contact us for pricing
Online Portals

What is a Portal?

How to add company policies to your portals

Adding Policies to Portals

How to add more portals to your account

How to activate an additional portal

How to setup Document Auto-Collection

How to setup Compliance Documents to be auto-collected from users

construction induction software

Custom features

Custom Functions

Order your own customised features

How to start inviting users

Sending out invitation to complete online inductions

How to add company policies to your portals

How to customise your message within an invite

How to send invites to users via sms

Sending out invitations via sms to complete online inductions

How to cancel induction invite

How to cancel induction invites

construction induction software

Refferal Program

Invite a friend

You both receive $50 gift when your friends activate any Premium or Ultra plan
How to generate Induct For Work Reporting

Generating account activities reports

How to add payment details to your induction account

Updating account payment details

How to reset password in Induct For Work

How to reset user password

How to Integrate Induct For Work to 2000 other apps

How to integrate your account to 2,000 other applications

customer service


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