How much does Induct for Work cost?

Our entry plan is completely Free. All other plans are packed with various features to suit every business. Standard – $0 This account is absolutely free. You get to create 2 of your own induction courses and there is no time limit on how long it takes to fine tune your online induction content. You get 1 induction portal (url) and up to 5 inductions/users per month. Certificates of completion are displayed on the screen and sent via email. Premium – $99 p/m + gst – Most Popular You can create/upload up to 5 online induction courses. There is no limit on how many inductees go through your inductions and you can have up to 3 induction portals. Your logo can now be attached to all portals and to Certificates of Completion. Reporting and Sms invitation features also become available with up to 20 sms sent per month. Certificates of completion are displayed on screens and they are sent via email. Premium plus – $149 p/m + gst As per Premium + you can create/upload up to 15 online induction courses with up to 10 induction portals.  Sms invitation feature is now increased to 200 sms sent per month. Additional admin users can be added to run the system with different access levels. Various documents and certificates can be collected from your inductees during their online induction. The system auto monitors expiration dates of all supplied documents with auto notifications sent to both inductees and to your admin. Ultra – $249 p/m + gst As per Premium plus + you can create/upload up to 45 online induction courses and up to 25 induction portals. Sms invitation feature is increased to 400 sms sent per month. Certificates of Completion can be swapped for Id cards that are also sent via email. Archived data entries can be scheduled for deletion. Ultra plus – POA Have specific requirements? Let’s talk.  

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