How does Induct for Work differ from similar services?

Unlike so many of our competitors, Induct for Work does not force you to hand over your credit card details, nor do we bombard you with unwanted sales pitches. We have enough faith in our product to allow you to try without buying. In fact, the basic service, which includes 5 inductions is absolutely free. If you have no need for more than 5 inductions per month, you’ll won’t have to pay a cent. Oh, and unlike some other induction sites, we don’t force feed the correct answers to your employees. If they don’t – or can’t – pass the induction, you’ll be notified and can help them be trained correctly. This is a huge benefit as it ensures your new employees don’t learn by rote, but actually understand the training your providing for them. Ultimately, this leads to better trained employees who work better and more safely!

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