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Benefits of running Online Inductions. You are probably aware that every employer is responsible for health, safety and well being of their workers. In many industries such as construction and building maintenance all employees, contractors and sub-contractors must complete a number of inductions prior to commencing any work. These inductions might include: general and site-specific inductions. It means that your business is responsible for providing appropriate training and instructions to all employees including volunteers and visitors ensuring and validating that the training has been recorded and done properly. It may sound like a lot of work only if you’ve never used our online induction software Induct For Work. By moving your inductions to Induct For Work you will improve and streamline your entire induction training management process. You will be able to easily and cost-effectively train your employees to make sure they arrive to work fully inducted and prepared to start work safely. You may still want to create and run any site-specific induction should you have a number of sites for your employees to visit. Key benefits There are many benefits offered by training your employees with Induct For Work. Let’s look at some of the major ones that make Induct For Work such an effective online induction solution for your businesses and employees.
  1. Reduced operational costs
Running your inductions online eliminate the need run them at your head office, freeing up your hr staff, management, collateral and other recourses. Your staff who is currently running face to face inductions can be allocated other tasks that will further improve your business.
  1. Consistency
Face to face training heavily depends on the tone, style and trainer experience. Some days your trainer may be tired or sick and the training quality may suffer. Delivering online inductions ensures that every person receives the same information in the same format.
  1. Self-paced learning
Your employees can work through the induction content at their own pace, leaving and returning to the course, taking as long as they need to complete the training.
  1. Piece of mind with Unlimited plans
No longer you should worry about blowing your budget. You can be rest assured that there will be no surprises at the end of the month. Most our plans allow you to induct as many employees as you need, without a limit at a capped monthly price. There are no hidden fees and you will be charged only your monthly amount.
  1. Full control – Dashboard access
Need to create and update your content? You get 24 X 7 full access to your account. Any online induction content can be created, modified and archived. Any documents captured during the induction can be previewed and downloaded. Having full access to your account gives you the ability to setup and to deliver your induction anyway you want. You can setup expiration dates to your invites and to the inductions themselves. Once the induction is getting closer to expiration date – auto notifications are emailed to your inductees and to your admin prompting to take actions.
  1. Ability to test employees
You may choose to ask inductees some questions during and/or after the induction. You may set a different pass score for every induction or you may choose not to allow your inductees to progress any further until the get the answer right.
  1. Certificates of Completion
Your inductees receive a printable Certificate of Completion with your company and induction information once they complete your training. Certificates are issued for each individual online induction. Scannable QR code is also displayed for ease of tracking while on site.
  1. Record keeping
  During any internal safety audits, you may need to provide a record of your business in induction participation. With just a few clicks an entire list of your participants can be displayed, printed or converted into .csv file By using Induct For Work online induction training software your business will improve on workforce safety and efficiency as well as it will save you a lot of time and money. Start inducting your employees today online. To clain your free induction account click here or you can click here to see our short demo.

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