History of Induct For Work

About us

Induct For Work is a cloud base software that allows organisations to replace existing paper based induction checklists with their own personalized personalised and customised online induction training.

At Induct For Work we believe that online induction training should be accessible to organizations of all sizes.



Two school friends Robert and Leonid were both fascinated by computers, follow their passion to study Computer Science and Software Engineering at the same University. Years go by and Robert decides to pursue his career in Building and Construction industry while Leonid absorbs the IT industry into his veins and becomes a CTO of an international Saas.

In the meantime Robert is challenged by managing a growing number of work-sites across the country. As the business grew – so was the number of employees, supervisors and contractors. The only available process to manage all the people was to meet all new workers and to conduct their work introduction/inductions face to face and then record it all on paper. Existing process was getting too hard to manage, especially for contractors in regional and outer areas, who regularly fail to show up to their inductions. Some records were getting lost and some contractors would end up starting their jobs without being properly introduced to their worksites, exposing the business to potential litigations.

There had to be a simpler and easier way to manage all of this. The ideal system would allow the company to upload their own induction content and policies into one place, to make it visible to all workers. The system that would allow companies to set up quizzes, set pass scores, automatically collect and monitor contractor compliance documents.

As both friends are regularly in touch Leonid heard about the issue with managing contractor inductions. Together with Robert they decided to create an online solution to solve this issue. The project in its initial stage was taken to Master Building Association where it received a lot of interest. 

A team of highly experienced software developers and designers was then assembled to create the most suitable system.

Years later Induct For Work goes live, using the safest and quickest technology available.

The solution is showcased to a number of local builders and developers, who instantly embrace the new technology. 

Induct For Work quickly gains popularity in Australia, New ZealandUnited Kingdom and USA.