Easy to use Online Induction Solution

Induct for Work is a simple and cost effective way to keep your staff / contractors / volunteers compliant and trained while making them safe and confident at work, allowing your business to be OH&S compliant.


Simple & Easy

Simple, easy and engaging on-line induction solution

Support Multiple worksites

Deliver specific courses/training inductions for each worksite for multiple business units

Company Policies

on-line library of all your policy and procedure documents

Licence/permit management

Track, manage, alert & audit the following staff/contractor/volunteer documentation


Automate and minimise the manual process

Save Time

Claim back your time and focus on running & growing your business

7 reasons why businesses love Induct for Work

Simple & Easy


Creating, managing & supporting inductions via paper & pen is time consuming, labour intensive and costly. Induct for Work provides a platform where inductions are created, managed and changed by your office staff and delivered to your staff, contractors and/or volunteers anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

Reduce the time and costs to deliver Inductions. Give your staff that are responsible for delivering your Inductions time back to focus on other tasks that help to generate revenue.

Peace of Mind


Before staff can start their first shift, attend a new site or operate new machinery, they must be inducted. Traditionally, inductions are held prior at a company office, site or clients premises. This process is time consuming and costly. It is also very inefficient for everyone. Induct for Work allows you to send inductions to your staff, contractors and/or volunteers to their personal devices at any time (with an internet connection) and complete the Induction at home, while travelling to a work location, in between shifts or on-site.

Running inductions at a single location requires all staff to attend a site. This costly, time consuming and inefficient process that can be eliminated, reducing costs for hardware (PC’s to run the induction) or printing paper tests and automate pass/fail marking and well as labour cost. Once again give your staff that are responsible for delivering your Inductions time back to focus on other tasks that help to generate revenue.

Finger on the Pulse


Keeping up to date with staff/ contractors and /or volunteers that are inducted, which versions they have completed and visibility of whether they passed the test is labour intensive and time consuming to manage and reconcile. Induct for Work offers a simple and easy way to audit every induction across every staff/contractor/volunteer and know instantly whether they are compliant or require additional support and assistance with their training.

Automate and minimise the manual process of marking and validating the Induction tests. Know exactly which staff to focus on to bring them up to speed as soon as a test is completed, no matter where the test is conducted. Save your admin staff valuable time on this process.

Rinse & Repeat


Every-time you start a new project, access a new site, win a new client or experience changes of a process, so does the need to induct your staff/contractors and/or volunteers. Induct for Work makes it easy to add new questions, make changes to existing questions, update questions, content and collateral without the need to re-invent the wheel, saving you time, money and valuable hours.

Utilise valuable time on running & growing your business rather than being bogged down in the essential manual repetitive processes of your current Inductions.

All your documents in 1 place


With every job, you need to collect and collate a vast array of documentation including, insurances, licences, permits/trade cards, accreditations, training, compliance, public liability cover, Workcover, Working with Children checks,Union cards, Working Visa etc for every staff/contractors and/or volunteer. Induct for Work allows you to store and manage all these documents to ensure that your business is compliant. Induct for Work will even alert you when all these documents are due to expire so that your can work with your staff/contractors/volunteers to manage renewals and mitigate any risk of non compliance.

Dramatically reduce the time it takes to manage content and deliver version control of all documents. The alerts allows your business to be pro-active on managing your compliance rather than being re-active.

Be a partner, not a vendor


Differentiate the value you deliver to your clients and build stronger partnerships by offering full transparency of the inductions conducted. You choose how much or little information you want to share.

Be different, stand out from your competitors and build trust by demonstrating that your investing in solutions to deliver better visibility and outcomes for your clients.

It costs you nothing to start and use the standard package – FREE FOREVER!!

7 Helping keep Australian workers trained and compliant so that they feel safe and confident in doing their jobs is the reason we started Induct for Work. We are so dedicated to this cause that our standard package (entry level) is provided at no cost to you – EVER!!. If your business is affected by seasonal work, you can move down & up on the plans as many times as you need, without any penalty or without losing any data (existing courses, tests, documents etc). No terms, no contracts & total flexibility.

Remove a very manual, time consuming, costly, inefficient and essential process from your business by embracing technology to make it simple, easy, fast and more reliable that the current way. Deliver a better experience for your staff in being inducted, better visibility for your clients on the results of the inductions and allow your staff to focus more time on your customers, partners and vendors to help your business thrive.